Service system that supports you in all phases from development to delivery

Our sales representative supports you in all phases from a product plan proposal to the shipment of the products to ensure that you can commission us to manufacture products without anxiety. Regarding packaging materials (containers, boxes, etc.), we will introduce you to reliable manufacturers. 
If you have any questions about each step of the process, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative.

Flexible manufacturing lines that allow producing small batches of a variety of products

Our R&D staff analyze and study products you want to create from various angles, using long experience, accumulated know-how, marketing data and other things and develop the products that reflect your requests faithfully.
We have proceeded with building a manufacturing system where necessary items are manufactured only in the needed quantity, based on our belief that "freshness is vital to cosmetic products.we supply you with fresh and high quality products by using manufacturing lines that allow producing small batches of a variety of products.

Research and development capability that reflect your needs in products


DH Cosmetic Co.,Ltd, we are Professional cosmetics OEM factory, mainly the production of nature coconut oil skin care product, facial mask, moisturizing lotion, Moisturizing water, facial cream, Cleansing face Cream, Facial Treatment Essence needle, a variety of concentrated repair cream, cosmetic spray product , Make-up cosmetic etc.Standard 300 thousand clean workshop, more than 3000 kinds of formula for your choice, as long as you want to do, we will be able to meet your requirements! You are welcome to consult processing at any time


Four Reasons why DH's comestic OEM is favored by customers

Strict quality control system to maintain a high level of safety and superior quality

We maintain superior quality by always checking the process strictly to supply safe and reliable cosmetic products. For example, we are purchasing fresh and high quality raw materials for our natural cosmetic products from organic growers. We adhere to the GMP standard and are making an earnest effort to improve the level of quality checks, inspection and delivery.